Luke Smith is back and launches a Promo Video

Luke Smith is back

Luke Smith is back on the bike and has already flipped again without hitting up a foampit !

Luke smith who had suffered a very bad injury back in 2009 is back on the bike ! We are really happy about this news and had good fun watching his promo trailer he put together.



On one of his first sessions back on the bike he flipped without using a foampit and landed perfect. A few flips later he crashed but dont worry he is riding again.




Here is the story from his injury in 2009

Hi All

As I write this email, I am being told by hospital doctors and everyone around me that I am supposed to be down and out never to ride a motorbike again and I am lucky to be alive , but I’m just me stubborn as a mule down but never out I am Luke Smith I know I shall ride again in months when my body lets me!!!!


Just over two weeks ago now I went to hit a regular ramp jump set at 75ft as I hit the ramp a stoned had flicked up and into the front wheel locking the front brake and disc just after I had left the ramp. This sent me flying over the handlebars whilst still travelling second gear on it I landed on the tip of the down ramp head first and into the ground hard, when my head hot the ground it sounded like a watermelon exploding, my head hit the ground so hard that when people came to see if I was ok, I was lying face down on the ground with my helmet in over 6 pieces scattered around me. My helmet had been ripped of me and my head completely.
I was knocked out and no way anyone was waking me up, for around 15-20 minutes  I laid knocked out until I came around and started  having seashores  on the ground until I was helicopter out of there with suspected huge head injury. I spent 8 days in intensive care and just over the last week in a head injury metal health rehab  institution centre with lock in to your rooms and lock out so you can’t wonder around,  I have 2 weeks left to go in hospital which sucks.


With the head injury I sustained after being knocked out for close to half hour, the staff here really wonder on how the hell I am alive.


I had been here for close to 4/5 days nearly 2 weeks since the crash when my memory started to return and I knew I was getting back to the old me.


The last few days the have had me learning to walk without aid and climbing stairs at the gym and mental activities to test my brain.


I had a meeting yesterday to say I wanted out and to head home asap. So I have been allowed extra care because of my progress and been allowed to head home for the weekend, I was meant to be in this institution for a month in total, I still have 2 weeks here but have cut my time down by a week and a weekend home trip to cut down the time.

I am not allowed to drink alcohol for up to 18 months no riding for at least 6 months and they taken my licence off me so no driving a car on the road for over a year so things are pretty tight.


But in true Luke Smith fashion I give it up to 6 months and I shall be out competing at FMX events around the world, I am not allowed not to  drive a car for 18 months and that will probably stand as the police have my license as they say I could be a road hazard but no one said I can’t drive at the track, so I still plan on competing at the New Zealand drift series which starts at the end of march as got a shell and a role cage around me and a bunch of drive to do well. Just got to get some time in the seat when a little better and see what I can do.


Well just thought I would let you know my situation and where I am at, as many people have been worried and asking, expect to  see me and the Moto Mayhem team at events around the country competing and just hanging out don’t hesitate to come say hi.

Here is a picture of his helmet after the crash in 2009

DSC 0169 300x200 Luke Smith is back and launches a  Promo Video