M.O.D´s Tomas Slavik took another big win at 4X Pro Tour world series in Szczawno Zdroj – Poland

Tomas Slavik took another big win at 4X Pro Tour world series in Szczawno Zdroj – Poland, where the best fourcross riders in the world fighted for the win.

Beautiful weather, thousands of spectators, great track and best riders in the world – its just the best words for describing the atmosphere in Poland. Unfortunaly during qualification, when top 20 riders were standing on the hill waiting for their run weather changed radically and affected their runs big time. Prokop went out, Wichman went out. Only Slavik was able to take a solid run and ended up 3rd. Under the cover of extreme.com live webcast and pooring rain show began. Slavik won all his runs and took well deserved win in 2 round of 4X Pro Tour in Poland.

“Qualification was affected by rain a lot, fastest 20 riders were riding in pooring rain, what is not fair, but you can not do anything with weather, just have to accept it how it is. I still took solid run in those condition and got 3rd which is really good in such a brutal conditions. Racing was really wild, it was still raining hard and the track was getting unpredictable. It was one of the most difficult races fyzically I have ever done. I was absolutely exhausted after the finals, but happy with my win. Everything worked perfect, organiser did a great job and show. Really looking forward to Val di Sole for next round”


After 2 round of 4X Pro Tour Slavik is leading overall ranking of world series. Next race 4X Pro Tour is Val di Sole – Italy together again with XC and DH UCI World cup.


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