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36 Years of Georgie Fechter

Dear friend !

Looks like our host is still moonlighting as a crutch connoisseur on his birthday bash on September 08th to 10th 2023.


But fear not, the birthday bash is gearing up to be even wilder and wackier, crutches or no crutches! 


So everyone, please limber up those typing fingers and RSVP again for the laughter-filled re-celebration! Also let us know your new or still the same hotel and arrival details :)


Friday 8.9.2023 (in case you are already here)

Beers, Bikes & Barbecue

Lunch on your own and  head to the Fechter Mansion around 14:00

Experience how i grew up and what shaped me & Masters of Dirt.

Become a kid again & enjoy the pool, the horses, the trampoline and watch some of the M.O.D Athletes ride the infamous and freshly remade Masters of Dirt Backyard.

A chill day between likeminded people far away from the daily stress we usually experience at home.


On the evening Menu:

Barbecue including vegetarian Options



Come however the fuck you want. Sports shoes for possible activities recommended.

Bring a sweater and pants in case it gets cooler at night.

In case of bad weather food and drinks will be served at the pool-house around 19:00

Saturday 9.9.2023

Georgies Favorite Things

Because some people have to work Friday we decided to host the actual Party on Saturday, giving everyone enough time to arrive on Friday.


We will start the day with a big lunch with a selection of Georgies favorite foods & Drinks leading to an afternoon of Cocktails, Chill & Chat with chilled electronic music at the pool enjoying the sun and privacy between likeminded people.


As we know we are all good drinkers the day drinking session will lead straight into a night of intensive beats until the last man standing in Georgies After Hour Cave.


On the Evening Menu:

Fingerfood of all kinds including vegetarian Options



The program is chosen and set to avoid any clubs with bouncers, expensive tables, waiting times and weird people.

This is a hand selected evening by me to enjoy with my closest people and form deep connections.


There will be a shuttle service available to return to your hotel.





Beach-vibes with a slight touch of Gangster so don’t forget your gold jewelry.

Bring a jacket and pants in case it gets cooler at night.

NO checkered, square print or pink Shirts, the snob outfits can stay at the beach-club spraying champagne.

Don't forget your swim-shorts.

Find some inspiration on the invite pictures.

Expected temperature: sunny 25-30°C, cool evenings

Sunday 10.9.2023

Happy Hangover !

Thanks for coming and save travels!


Social Media

Feel free to take pictures and videos but please ask people in case you want to post them.

Do not expose the house or property on Social Media.

What happens at my house stays at my house.


We recommend close hotels for a convenient return Saturday night / Sunday morning !

Vineyard in front of a Church


Luxury Option


Luxury Option


If you're on a budget

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