Alastair Sayer │MOD

Alastair Sayer

South Africa
Marital Status:
single, 1 daughter
Joined M.O.D.:
„If it moves, it can fly!!!” – Suzuki RM 250
Best Trick:
Underflip, Seatgrab Flip, Jackal Can, Rabbit Jakalas, Whips, Rock solid
Carrier Highlights
Xgames bronze medal 2007 whip,Multiple step-up victories, Ifmxf/Masters of Dirt,Step Up World Record 2010: 11m/36 feet, Multiple whip victories, Ifmxf/Masters of Dirt,Top African Rider 2010, Attendance at X-Fighters 2011 in Madrid
MOD Highlights
Cyprus.One of the best moments and times of my life

In the early 90’s, deep in the heart of the Kalahari desert of Botswana, Alastair Sayer started scavenging out No-Handers, Can Cans and Heelcklickers on his KX 60 MX bike. Racing for his entire junior career, whilst freely enjoying a life of freeriding in the African bush, he only started hitting steel ramps seriously in 2003 after years of battling on the South African MX circuits. With his success locally in South Africa, he was invited to the Masters of Dirt in 2005 and to several other contests and massive shows like Dubai X-Games. Alastair has big combos and his signature tweaked extensions in his bag of tricks.

Breaking the long standing world record of Tommy Clowers that stood 2000’s X Games by a solid 1 foot Alastair Sayer cleared 36 feet on the 21st Nov 2010 in Ostrava.Traveling extensively throughout the world to compete and to entertain the FMX hungry crowds. Alastair is our Wildboy from Botswana, born and raised in this tiny country in the south of Africa. Alastair is definitely a wild man with a lot of skillz on a bike. Alastair also has been touring with us now for years and all we can say is: never underestimate a skinny guy from the bush. He will fight and win most step up competitions he will start at and also is a combo mashine!

Alastair Sayer is from the African wilderness of little known country called Botswana. He looks, talks, acts and is as different from the „text book“ & „regular“ FMX rider as one can except. Who wants to be regular anyway? With a unique style, massive extensions and bike skills to burn, everything about Alastair is extraordinary – riding purely on instict and guts. We are proud to have this one-of-a-kind dude as a member oft he M.O.D Family!

2015 he is focusing on spending more time freeriding in Europe. At the same time he wants to build the new generation of freestyle in South Africa.

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