Antonio Navas
Spain Bunny

Antonio Navas

Lleida, Spain
Marital Status:
Joined M.O.D.:
All action sports
Yamaha YZ250cc
Special tricks:
Tandem Tricks, Rock Solid, Whips, Backflip
Competitive Highlights:
A year living in Macau (China) for a freestyle show, several shows around the world.
3 words about MOD:
Family, show and madness
Best experience with MOD:
Vienna 2014, when we did our first tandem flip, and "inside varial" trick in front of the audience, it was insane!!
First rider ever together with Rocky, to do the first freestyle tandem ever!

He started riding MX when he was 9. His dad had a dirt bike and he rode some MX and Enduro races, so it was easy for him to fall in love with it. After some years of Motocross racing, he realized that FMX was what he really wanted to do, so he turned to a FMX rider when he was 22.

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