Matej Cesak │MOD
Czech Bunny

Matej Cesak

Prague, Czech Republic
Marital Status:
Joined M.O.D.:
KTM 250ccm, 2 stroke
Best Trick:
Turndown whip and tsunami
Career Highlights:
2007 - 2nd place Czech MX championship 50ccm. 2008,2009 – Participation in FMX Gladiator Games in Prague
MOD Highlights:
Every time when I’m with MOD family I make new experience. They are amazing!
Bike, Ski, Tennis, Football
3 words about MOD:
crazy, show, best

Big respect to Georgie! He is an amazing guy who loves this sport and I’d do everything for him! He is a hero!

He’s only 18 years old and the youngest MOD rider. When he was two years old his biggest pleasure was to ride on a small child´s bike without pedals and he tried every possible tricks on that. His parents had to buy him a helmet. He practically hasn’t taken it off since then. In 2004 his dad let him take a test ride on a KTM 50ccm. Since that day riding bikes was his biggest hobby. When he was 6, he met FMX rider Petr Pilat. On Pilat´s track he slowly tried to jump the table top at first. And later when he was 8, he jumped his first FMX ramp. Soon he started to learn new tricks, but he didn´t stop riding motocross. In 2008 he became a member of the MotoXzone team - team of Czech FMX godfather Petr Kuchar. They ride several FMX events.

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