Bienvenido Aguado │MOD
Spain Bunny

Bienvenido Aguado

Barcelona, Spain
Marital Status:
Joined M.O.D.:
Rockstar Energy Drink, ANR, Malas Pulgas, Masters of Dirt, TSG, Gloryfy, Dirtyflows, Rapit, La Poma, Republica Bikes, Ciclos Subira, Chiky, Masters of Dirt
Bike / Equipment:
BT Industries, Bike YT industries, Monster, Spank, TSG
Best Trick:
Frontflip Indian Air, double Frontflip
Carrier Highlights
1st place Kind of the Air.
3 words about M.O.D.
Best thing ever!


Started very late – in 2008!!!

No words can describe Bienve. His name means welcome thats all we can say. This guy is such a hardcore dude and will throw down the hardest of MODs tricks! Frontflip indian air! He was the first person in the world who ever landed that trick. Fronflip superman, Frontflip no hand , Frontflip tailwhip and many more. We forgot to mention that he does all this on the Freestyle MOTO Ramp getting towed in by a fmx bike! Bienve is the man and will go very far in his career ! We will always support him even if he starts ice skating ;)

Number of broken bones: 2 ankle and scapula.
Favorite country to hang out: Austria
Best place ever visited: Moscow.
Best thing about travelling: Meeting old friends and knowing people.
Worst thing about travelling: 17 trip in train.
What music are you listening to: Rock and Hip-Hop
Last song listened to on Ipod: The presets. "A new sky"
Your favourite magazine: Ride mtb
Biggest achievement in your life: Recovering from the broken shoulder blade in three weeks an placing 2nd in happyride weekend
What pisses you off: False people.
What other sports do you get into: Ice hockey, Skate, Snow, Surf, Rugby and Gym.
What are your upcoming plans: Ride everyday just for fun, and them trying to win competitions.

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