Clemens Kaudela │MOD
Austria Bunny

Clemens Kaudela

Vienna, Austria
Marital Status:
Joined M.O.D.:
Parties, building jumps, all types of mountainbiking
Merida Bikes, Marzocchi, Fiveten, of course MOD T-Shirt
Best Trick:
Superflip, frontflip variations xxx
Carrier Highlights
FMB World Tour participation
Biggest achievement
no broken bones

He started to ride jumps with his friends when he was only in elementary school. Back then he was already inspired by anything extreme on two wheels – no matter if Motocross, Downhill or any other sport were you are able to pull off some major tricks. When he was 14 he stated with cross-country, then four-cross and finally dirtjump. Clemens likes all the facets of riding a bike: downhill, freeride and racing.

“Every day I’m looking forward to get on my to run riot. This is something I will do all my life, as long as I can.”

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