Georg Fechter
Austria Bunny

Georg Fechter

Masters of Dirt is the visionary brainchild of Austrian Freestyle Mountainbiker Georgie Fechter. Every show’s concept starts off as an insane idea in Georgie’s mind, before being carefully molded and refined into the high-tech theatre production that is M.O.D. When he was only 15 he founded M.O.D. He is the creative genius that keeps this dynamic show on the cutting edge and he is never short of wild ideas. As a rider himself, Georg rode in many of the earlier M.O.D shows and this years show in Vienna, but usually focuses on directing the shows himself. He’s the godfather of the M.O.D Family.


  • First Austrian rider to backflip a mountainbike in 2005
  • First Austrian rider to 360 backflip a mountainbike in 2011
  • He has no bike sponsor
  • His mother gave him the brands copyright as a birthday present to his 14th birthday.
  • His godfather is David Hasselhoff. That is why Georgie has KITT – the car from the TV series knight rider in his garage.
  • Together With KITT and David Hasselhoff Georgie attended the Gumball rally in 2008

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