Nicholi Rogatkin
USA Bunny

Nicholi Rogatkin

Lincoln, MA
Marital Status:
Joined M.O.D.:
Specialized P3
Best trick
Favourite trick
Career Highlights
FMB World Champion 2016
XDubai, Specialized, Kali, Alpinestars, Sram, Dt Swiss, Ergon
Favorite riding experience
Sessioning with all the best riders during every MOD show!
Hockey, Jetskiing
3 words about M.O.D.
Craziest Event Ever

Nicholi Rogatkin started riding BMX at age 5. He grew up with great popularity through his Youtube Channel, where he showed the bike riding world the most ridiculous tricks. Displaying amazing progression, Nicholi pulled a 360 Double Whip at age 11, a Backflip 360 at age 12, and a Double Backflip at age 13, each of which he was the youngest in the sport to do. In the last couple years Nicholi has exploded in the BMX world with great results, winning the King of Air in Switzerland, the ASA Triples in Miami, and the 2013 BMX Dirt World Championship. So it wasn't a surprise when upon entering the Mountain bike scene, he showed great results. Nicholi achieved his biggest life goal last year, becoming the mountainbike world champion.

Nicholi: “Since Georg first invited me to ride Masters of Dirt, it has become part of my life and has completely changed my perspective on dirt riding. The best times of my life have been with MOD, and somehow the shows are getting bigger and better every year. It’s awesome to be part of a show so sick.” "As a rider I have always had a great respect for all mountainbikers and the sport, and have seen their events as unreal and insane. It's amazing to be part of it all now, and even even more amazing to be with the best bike company! Doing all of my biggest BMX tricks on MTB feels sick and so natural. Bike riding is like a video game for me and mountain biking is just the next level. I look forward to sending it in 2018!"


A world premiere was shown by 20year old Nicholi Rogatkin. As he stomped the trick for the first time ever in MTB history, he is allowed to give the trick a name: “The Twister” aka. “The twisty wizard” is born. 
Nicholi Rogatkin: „Masters of Dirt – the preprogrammed insanity. All riders have shown their very best tricks during four shows. Landing “The Twister” is a crazy feeling. It was absolutely amazing!”

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