Ales Rozman │MOD

Ales Rozman

Kranj, Slovenia
Marital Status:
in a relationship
Joined M.O.D.:
Motocross, wakeboard, BMX, graphic design
Yamaha YFZ450R
Best Trick:
9'o clock, Tsunami
Carrier Highlights:
Riding for MOD!! European X-Games Tignes (Snowmoble) 2010, 2011, 2012
Masters of Dirt, Rossetto log., Power Team, Ninjaz gloves, Pitcha goggles, Forma boots
Best experience with M.O.D.:
Zurich-Linz tour.. at AREA47, Royal Hills by far the best experience in my riding carrier
3 words about M.O.D.
Best family ever!!!

Ales is the Multiplayer in the M.O.D Family! He started riding motocross when he was 4 years old and was racing Motocross for 18 years. 3 times he was national SLO champion, and also racing in MX3 GP class. Then in 2000 he started with FMX freestyle, but he felt alone on the field so he started Quad freestyle in 2006 to get more shows and for now it’s working really well.  Also in 2009 he started with Snowmobile freestyle so he does Quad shows in the summer and snowmobile shows in winter. He’s also good on the BMX/MTB bike. So you could say he can ride almost anything with 2 or 4 wheels and also snowmobiles. He joined MOD in 2013. What he remembers the most is his first show in Croatia when it was the first time he performed with the MOD crew and the next show right after 2 days in Slovenia in front of the full packed home crowd. There is npthing like MOD. It's like a big family, when you have so much fun with all the friends around, riding, partying, joking and doing stupid stuff all the time. In his carrier he injured almost all of his left side of the body, from the ankle to the femur, knee, wrist, shoulder, collarbone… but the right part of his body is still OK. Best riding experience so far is riding Royal Hills with the MOD crew all week long on his dirt bike. That place is so amazing to ride and you just cant stop riding and hitting all the big jumps in the area and after that hanging around with the MOD family. He is normally a really quiet person, but when he talks about the riding or when he puts his helmet on and takes one of his toys like his dirt bike, quad or a snowmobile he will shred the place apart and show you some good riding skills.

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