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20 Years of Masters of Dirt Cinema Premiere

12 Oct 2023

A Ride Down Memory Lane

Last night at Cineplexx Millennium City, we hit the play button on two decades of epicness with our "20 Years Masters of Dirt" short film. It was a rollercoaster of emotions and a lot of flashbacks. It's been a wild 20 years, filled with stunts, a few bumps, and a whole lot of love from all of you.

We are profoundly grateful for this incredible journey and for every individual who has been a part of it. To see so many faces, old and new, at the premiere was a heartwarming reminder of the tight-knit family we've built over the years. Every stunt, every cheer, every challenge, and every triumph has been a shared experience, and last night was a testament to that bond.

Good news if you couldn't make it to the premiere: The film's up on YouTube - dive in, relive the memories, lean back and enjoy.

Here's to the memories we've made and the ones still to come. So, buckle up, because the best is yet to come.

Here are all photos from the premiere!

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