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24 hours till M.O.D. Vienna!

14 Mar 2024

Vienna, we are absolutely ready for you!

Whether on a snowmobile, quad, buggy, scooter, inline skates, BMX and FMX bikes, or a mountain bike, the world's top freestyle athletes transform the Wiener Stadthalle into a world of adrenaline and action in exactly 24 hours!

For the first time, bikers will jump over a burning high jump ramp, incredible tandem stunts with an FMX, snowmobile, and bicycle will be demonstrated, and the world's first-ever buggy backflip at a distance of 20 meters - and much more!

The combination of freestyle, crazed beats and pyro- and LED special effects transforms our show into something truly unique and a show for the entire family.

We are thrilled to finally welcome you to our shows!

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