Another day, another podium for M.O.D.

Tobi Merz is a special kind of character, the kind of person you can hang out with for a few brief moments and already realise you will be homies. You know that movie YES MAN? Tobi is almost a living version of that. 

You could call him any time and ask if he’s down for a drink, or to go and shred and he will almost always respond with; “Yes, what time?” or, “Yes, I’m on my way, let’s go.” His energy levels are far too high for a normal human and thankfully he channels all of that energy into shredding his 20” Total BMX. 

The day before his trip to Brazil, which is the start of a month-long Americas journey for him, he was doing no-foot cans, table tops and nothing’s on his pit bike in his backyard, hungover and all. Less than 36 hours later, he’s shredding the monster Caracas trails with Anthony Napo, Alex Landeros and Leandro Moreira. 

Not only the biggest set of trails his ever ridden, but probably the furthest from home too. After qualifying for finals, the young shredder set his hopes high and after taking on 10 other crazy dirt riders in the finals he managed to secure himself a 2nd place spot on the podium! That’s one way to start a trip. 

Look out for more updates on Tobi’s travels in the coming weeks. 





German FMX Champion Kai Haase lands World’s First during the first show of the Masters of Dirt Total Freestyle Tour in Klagenfurt, Austria.

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