Bombing Brandnertal Bike Park

Some weekends are all about who will come out on top while others are just purely for the joy of riding - a love we all share.

This past weekend was the latter, so many familiar faces were about and not one of them was without a smile.

We can’t thank the Ninjaglovez crew enough for the hospitality and good times. The weekend was packed with things to do, a chainless race, Berm Banger contest and the Ninjaz Whip It contest. The Sick Series crew were about, and Elias managed to win almost everything he entered, while Fabio won the hearts of all the kids with his trial show.

All in all, the highlights of the weekend were endless, we can’t wait to go shred at Bike Park Brandnertal again next year. Special shout out to Tobi Merz for jumping a Downhill bike for the first time, our Godfather Georgie for qualifying in the Whip It contest, The Rabbit, Kai himself for shredding on a rental and of course the legend Jasper Flashman for keeping everyone’s energy levels high throughout the weekend.


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