Dawid Godziek Lands World’s First Quadruple Tail Whip on a Mountain Bike

Polish mountain biker Dawid Godziek landed a quadruple tail whip yesterday, September 12, at the Audi Nines MTB event in Birkenfeld, Germany. The trick, an aerial maneuver in which the rider spins his bike around the handlebars four times while airborne, is a first in the world of mountain biking.

“I landed the triple whip pretty easy, so I decided to try for one more,” said the 24-year-old professional mountain biker from the village of Suszec in southern Poland. “I hadn’t been thinking about this trick at all, but the jump here at Audi Nines turned out to be the perfect jump for it. It’s huge and there’s a lot of airtime to do it.”

Godziek landed the trick after four tries on the Progression Big Air jump, a special feature designed specifically to help mountain bikers push their aerial tricks to new heights. The massive jump features a nearly 5-meter-high takeoff ramp and launches bikers over 10 meters off the ground, helping the event live up to its motto of “Send it to the Moon!” 

“The special thing about this event is that we don’t have any pressure to put our run together in three or five tries,” said Godziek. “We have a few days to do our best, which is really cool.”

“It’s a pretty hard and pretty big course, which is new for me,” he added. “But I finally landed something big, and I’m really stoked.”

The Audi Nines MTB is an invite-only media event and contest for professional mountain bikers, held this year for the first time in a stone quarry in the Hunsrück mountains of Germany’s Rhineland-Palatinate region. Supported by Bikepark Idarkopf, the event has attracted some of the world’s top mountain bikers to this spectacular venue to participate in an innovative video contest, which gives riders one week to land their best tricks and runs in front of running cameras. In addition to the Big Air jump, the venue also features freeride and slopestyle mountain bike lines with huge drops, jumps and other special features.

Check out the video HERE!




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