German FMX Champion Kai Haase lands World’s First during the first show of the Masters of Dirt Total Freestyle Tour in Klagenfurt, Austria.

On Saturday 2nd of March 2019, the Masters of Dirt Tour began with a sold-out show in Klagenfurt, as the first stop of thirteen, held throughout March to April in Austria. 


Kai Haase stole the show with his jaw-dropping worlds first!

A special highlight of the Klagenfurt tour opening show was the performance of German FMX Champion Kai Haase. Haase has been training for a uniquely spectacular stunt since April 2018. The world’s first attempt consisted of backflipping off a flat platform of the scissor lift, dropping down a colossal five meters to land on to the airbag.

The 27-year-old German FMX champion continues to build his legacy remarking “the trick came to me on the 2018 MOD tour in Vienna last April. I then had three weeks to practice with a scissor lift, but I already had the trick down within the first four days”.

Haase went on to land a second stunt that has never been done on a jump of this magnitude. In the second stunt, the German landed mid-jump onto a seven-meter-high scissor lift, proceeding to ‘bonk’ off the platform with a hard front wheel brake to create the momentum enabling Haase to free fall into a forward rotation. 

Anyone familiar with Masters of Dirt knows that there is always much more to the legendary freestyle shows than just one highlight. Last nights show provided spectators with a two and half hour long action-packed bonanza, showcasing some of the most advanced tricks in the freestyle scene. M.O.D riders such as Nicholi Rogatkin and guest Fabio Wibmer gathered in Klagenfurt on BMX bikes, mountain bikes, freestyle motocross bikes, snowmobiles, quads, a buggy amidst the blazing pyrotechnical displays from the Fuel Girls.  After a year's break, the wild and daring bikers were overjoyed to be back in Klagenfurt. M.O.D Boss Georg Fechter remarked: "Since my childhood, I have always been a huge fan of Carinthia and I am so pleased to be here with Masters of Dirt. The Carinthian audience was just amazing,  the atmosphere was incredible and I think we had a phenomenal tour start with this sold-out show in Klagenfurt!“


The next generation of freestylers rises! 

The Masters of Dirt family is proud to welcome some of the youngest freestylers in the world. The tour has been completely redesigned and the creators of the legendary freestyle show have tracked down the most talented kids in the scene for their "Kids are the Future" segment presented by Knabbernossi. Introducing eleven-year-old German Lennox Zimmermann and eight-year-old FMX-biker Harry Schofield from England to join for their European tour debut. These rising stars are ones to watch as they fearlessly hit the big jumps alongside their idols.  Throughout the years M.O.D has continually acted as a family, providing a platform for progression for young riders to grow and develop. With ambassadors such as Crankworx 2018 Tripple Crown winner Nicholi Rogakin rising up through the ranks of M.O.D since the tender age of thirteen,  it’s clear that this philosophy has been integral to M.O.D over the 16 years of it´s existence.

Safety first

To protect not only the young riders but all athletes in the best possible way throughout the tour, the makers of the M.O.D shows take safety precautions very seriously. The most vitally important part of the shows production process is the safety equipment,  the overall well-being of the riders and their safety is of the utmost importance for M.O.D founder Georg Fechter. He stated: "Although we book only the world's best athletes, unfortunately, our sport remains a risk for injuries. That's why safety is our top priority!” In order to be able to guarantee this, crash mats are used, as well as the most revolutionary safety tools such as the huge airbag designed by Bagjump. Bagjump airbags are placed on the landings to protect the riders from injuries. The airbag will be used throughout the tour.

The show goes on ...

On 9th of March, the M.O.D crew will be in Graz Stadthalle and one week later they will play four shows in Vienna. Plenty more action and athletic excellence is guaranteed!




UPDATE: Masters of Dirt Wien verschoben


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