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Jayo's triple backflip with an e-motocross bike

6 Feb 2024

A never-before-seen stunt in Europe

We are super thrilled to announce that the Australian motocross rider Jayo Archer will perform a never-before-seen stunt in Europe during our Vienna Show on March 16 at 8pm. He is going to do a triple backflip on a Stak Varg E-Motocross bike. Yes, you have read correctly – A TRIPLE BACKFLIP!! 

We are quite curious if Jayo will touch the top of the Wiener Stadthalle, as he usually needs more than the 17-meter height offered by the Wiener Stadthalle to do this stunt. 

Also, we built a 6 (!) meter high ramp especially for Jayo (our typical ramps are 3 meters tall), as well as a new, custom-made airbag, to ensure a safe landing even from this height. We are the only ones in Europe with this setup, which allows this risky stunt.

Our entire M.O.D crew is super excited for you guys to see this at our M.O.D Shows!!

For tickets and more information, visit

Here is a brand-new video from the weekend's training in Australia:

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