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Leading Sustainability in Extreme Sports

12 Jun 2023

Masters of Dirt ft. Masters of Trash

At Masters of Dirt, we are not only passionate about pushing the limits of extreme sports but also about leading the way in sustainability. Through our comprehensive sustainability program, we strive to create an environmentally friendly and socially responsible event experience. From promoting transport sharing and implementing effective waste management practices to prioritizing reusable cups and fuel efficiency, we are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact. By using recyclable materials, leveraging digital communication, and engaging in social responsibility initiatives, we aim to inspire positive change within the extreme sports industry and beyond.

We limit fuel usage and use up to 50% non-motorized vehicles during our events. We also collaborate with local partners to minimize the ecological impact of transportation. Our merchandise meets sustainability standards, ensuring environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes. Furthermore, we actively engage in social responsibility initiatives, collaborating with climate protection projects and supporting organizations like the Make A Wish Foundation to fulfill the dreams of children.

We are delighted to have collaborated with "MA48" (Viennese waste management) on a video promoting waste sorting, showcasing our commitment to sustainability in action. Take a look yourself

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