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Linz, Vienna and Salzburg: Success at M.O.D's halfway point

21 Mar 2023

Everything new in Salzburg

The spectacular tour opener in Linz, indescribable atmosphere in the hometown of the event Vienna, now two sold-out shows in Salzburg as the next stop - and no sign of fatigue.

At the tour stop in Salzburg, the Masters of Dirt move into the Salzburgarena with an adapted show program, but no less action-packed. A completely new challenge of a much shorter track is mastered by crew and riders as if it made no difference. The BMX start tower steeper, less ramps, the airbag as the only landing for both FMX and BMX and other changes required to turn the show program for Salzburg upside down: the team around mastermind and M.O.D inventor Georg Fechter succeeded in staging the new conditions perfectly. Once again, a sold-out hall raged as if there was no tomorrow at two shows in Salzburg - Thank you!

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