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Masters of Dirt: A Tram for its 20th Birthday!

26 Jan 2023

It's time to celebrate, so the world's most successful freestyle show, Masters of Dirt, is giving itself a present: a branded tram in Vienna.

Masters of Dirt celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, because in 2003, Georg Fechter, who was only 16 at the time, brought a freestyle show to Vienna for the first time together with his father Herbert Fechter. Since then, once a year the best freestyle athletes in the world show the coolest and most breathtaking stunts on mountain bikes, BMX bikes, scooters, quads and snowmobiles.

The youngest M.O.D Gladiators congratulate

For the 20th birthday, the youngest gladiators of the M.O.D family, now congratulate the Masters of Dirt inventor Georg Fechter on the anniversary tour. "We have had a lasting influence on the bike scene in Austria, encouraged many kids to ride their own bikes and for some top athletes laid the foundation for their careers," says M.O.D mastermind Georg Fechter. And further: "I am very happy that year after year one generation passes on to the next. With tips and tricks from older athletes to the youngest talents. I am proud that our Masters of Dirt family is continuously growing."

"Kids are the future" is a living motto, not only in the shows, but also for the audience: for 20 years now, kids have been paying only half the price.

Birthday present with a message

On the occasion of the round anniversary, Masters of Dirt is now also giving itself a present with a branded tram. The message behind it is not intended to serve exclusively for advertising purposes, because sustainability has always been a top priority at Masters of Dirt: "Two-thirds of the bikes we use are non-motorized, and even scooters are represented in the show. Many people assume huge amounts of fuel consumption, but we need the tank of a small car on a show weekend. Hard to believe, but our bikes fly more time through the air and drive little on the ground," said the organizer.

M.O.D tickets in Vienna, free public transport ticket on show day

With the branded streetcar, Masters of Dirt also wants to point out the sustainable mobility mix for the audience: the Masters of Dirt tickets for Vienna entitle to a free round trip via Wiener Linien on the respective event day at the Wiener Stadthalle.

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