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Masters of Dirt 2025

1 Mar 2024

Masters of Dirt 2025 “Freestyle Showdown”

In spring 2025 and with the slogan "Freestyle Showdown," the world's best freestyle athletes will return to Austria's, Germany’s and Switzerland’s largest halls and transform them into a world of action and adrenaline, whether on a snowmobile, quad, buggy, inline skates, BMX and FMX bikes, or mountain bike.

M.O.D Family

"M.O.D. is not only a show, but a lifestyle; it is not a competition, but a family gathering of the world's best freestyle athletes." - Georg Fechter

During our Masters of Dirt live shows, one never knows what will happen next. However, one thing is certain: nothing stays on the ground; everything with wheels flies! It feels like you're at a festival when DJ Mosken plays his beats, then you're fascinated by the Fuelgirls' fire show and suddenly believe you're dreaming when a several hundred kilogram heavy snowmobile makes an unexpected backflip. Everyone, young or old, knows that our M.O.D athletes challenge the limits of physics.

The combination of freestyle, crazy beats, and pyro- and LED special effects transforms M.O.D into something truly unique and a show for the entire family.


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