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Masters of Dirt Hail 2022

18 Dec 2022

Masters of Dirt wows crowds in first ever show in Saudi Arabia!

For the first time ever, the world-famous Masters of Dirt Show travelled to Saudi Arabia to wow crowds in the city of Hail for two consecutive nights. The spectacular show featuring some of the world’s best freestyle motocross riders excited the huge crowds with mind-blowing stunts and tricks, some of which had never been performed before in the Gulf Kingdom.


Using special ramps to perform their motorcycle stunts over a distance of 25 meters and up to 14 meters highin the air, the Masters of Dirt motocross freestyle riders seemingly defied the laws of physics with flips, whips, spins and more as the capacity crowd roared them on. Next to a whole host of the world’s best FMX riders from countries like Spain, Italy, South Africa and England, the action-packed show also included some, let’s call them weird, vehicular contraptions like a Tandem Freestyle Motocross bike.


Fueled by the tunes of Masters of Dirt resident DJ, DJ Mosaken, as well as outstanding fire performers, the sold-out venue in Hail erupted in especially loud cheers when 8-year-old Saudi Arabian FMX-prodigy Malik Baksh lined up in front of the massive ramps with his 65cc motocross bike. Representing the future generation of motocross riders from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Baksh had already been visiting with the Masters of Dirt Crew in Austria this past summer and was as keen to show his skills as the crowd was excited to see a local boy hold his own against the world’s best.


Over the past 20 years, Masters of Dirt have been touring around the world and performed more than 250 shows in over 20 countries, with both the number of shows as well as the number of countries set to increase in 2023.


Keen to visit a show? Check here for upcoming dates – we’re about to start our 20-year anniversary tour through the biggest arenas Austria has to offer and there’s even more to come in summer.


You want to bring Masters of Dirt to your city and/or event? Let’s do it! Shoot us a mail :)

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