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Masters of Dirt Innsbruck

27 Mar 2023

Young Austrian Rider Wows Audience with First Double Backflip on MTB

The Masters of Dirt show in Innsbruck was a huge success, with two sold-out shows and an incredible atmosphere in the arena. The event again showcased some of the world's best motocross, BMX, and mountain bike riders, who pushed the limits of what is possible on two wheels.

The highlight of the weekend was Samy Fernbach, a twelve-year-old Austrian rider who wowed the audience by performing his first-ever double backflip on a mountain bike. The young rider, who has been honing his skills since the age of four, showed incredible talent and courage entering the doubleflip club.

The Masters of Dirt show has always been about pushing the boundaries of what is possible in extreme sports, and Samy's performance is a testament to the importance of nurturing young talent in the sport. The event has long been a platform for up-and-coming riders to showcase their skills, and Samy's achievement is proof of whats possible.

With only one stop left on the 2023 Austria Tour, Masters of Dirt is set to take over Graz on the 8th of April. The show promises to be a thrilling experience for all who attend, with some of the biggest names in the sport set to perform. From death-defying stunts to jaw-dropping tricks, the Masters of Dirt show is a must-see event for any fan of extreme sports.

Don't miss your chance to witness the action firsthand – tickets for the Graz show are selling fast, so be sure to book your seats nowt. Join us as we celebrate the thrill of extreme sports and cheer on the next generation of talented riders like Samy Fernbach.

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