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Masters of Dirt Linz 2023

5 Mar 2023

20 Years Masters of Dirt - A Tour Kick-Off for the History Books

Last Saturday, 4.3.2023, the Masters of Dirt gladiators brought the completely booked TipsArena in Linz to shaking. Georg Fechter's craziest freestyle show has been around for 20 years and there's no end in sight.

Everything is getting wilder, more colorful and simply more incredible.

"More is always possible" is the motto of the organizer, who make the impossible possible. In addition to the world's best freestyle athletes of the BMX and FMX community, we brought the Italian inline skater Giovanni Peterle to the track, who, in addition to flips, also jumps over the huge Obi ramp dressed as a beaver with a wheel chest. After eight years, Spanish mountain biker Gemma Corbera also enters the track again and shows how to keep up with the other freestylers as the only woman and drive the audience to the edge of their seats. Jumps with a motorcross bike from a scissor lift and 10-year-old up-and-coming pro athlete are other specials that have Linz in awe.

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