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Over 10.000 visitors at Masters of Dirt in Salzburg

24 Mar 2024

Second stop of our Masters of Dirt Austria Tour: Salzburg

We opened the second stop of our Masters of Dirt Austria Tour, with three sold-out shows and over 10.000 attendees. In the last 48 hours, the Salzburg Arena has been transformed into a M.O.D-World by five ramps, a massive airbag landing, and a ten-meter-high rollin.

Our M.O.D athletes demonstrated not only their impressive abilities, but also exceeded all expectations and pushed the boundaries of the possible once more. From breathtaking Motocross jumps to fascinating BMX maneuvers and Trial-Motocross stunts to outstanding scooter and inline tricks. Our Masters of Dirt Shows in Salzburg enthralled not only motorsport, adrenaline, and freestyle enthusiasts, but also all of the children in the audience.

Following three incredible shows in Salzburg, we are super excited for the next tour stops in Graz (30.03), Innsbruck (06.04), Dortmund (13.04), Frankfurt (20.04) and Linz (27-28.04)! Get your tickets here!

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