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Over 12.000 visitors at M.O.D Live Shows in Stuttgart

20 Feb 2024

"Nothings Impossible"

The famous saying “nothing's impossible” was impressively confirmed this weekend by unbelievable stunts performed by our M.O.D athletes. Not only the professional athletes, but also the Austrian comedian “Sonnenschein Catering” and the Italian biker “Packy” proved their toughness to the visitors from Stuttgart. As passengers of Gerhard Mayr, they flew through the hall with the buggy in a backflip. 

Harry Schofield (14) from England landed his first backflip on his 125 Gas Gas FMX bike. The US-American Nicholi Rogatkin left the audience breathless with his 1440 BMX trick. Red Bull athletes Fabio Wibmer and Adrian Guggemos thrilled the audience with an outstanding freestyle show, while X-Games winner David Rinaldo delivered a first-class program despite lost luggage and borrowed motocross gear. 

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