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Pure adrenaline and action in Innsbruck

7 Apr 2024

Star guest at M.O.D in Innsbruck: Tobi Ebster with his Kini-KTM

This weekend, we had a very special guest at our live-shows: A Master of Dirt Bunny Tattoo covers his lower arm; he is from Tirol's Zillertal and made his Dakar debut in January. The person speaking is none other than Kini Red Bull rider Tobi Ebster. In his first Dakar race, he won the "Malle-Moto" category and finished 20th overall.

He was greeted warmly by our moderators Andi Brewi and Basti Matejka, and showed the crowd his legendary Dakar rally motorcycle, which he has ridden over 8.000 kilometers through the wilderness. But that was not all. Tobi participated as a volunteer in the "Trust Game" presented by Red Bull athlete Adrian Guggemos. In the first part of the trust game, Adrian raced towards Tobi and came to a stop exactly in front of his feet. Tobi then had to lay down, and Adrian jumped over the 26-year-old on his Trial-Motorcross bike. 

Pure adrenaline and action in Innsbruck

Thousands of fans came to our show to see the athletes' impressive live performances. Our international and national athletes have once again performed their best, impressing over 10.000 spectators with incredible tricks and spectacular stunts. 

We thank you all for coming and we are already looking forward to the upcoming shows in Dortmund, Frankfurt, and Linz - get your tickets here

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