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Rehearsals in Kiel

10 Feb 2024

A Preview of the Spectacular Masters of Dirt Tour

The rehearsals for the grand Masters of Dirt Tour in Kiel have exceeded all expectations and offered a glimpse into what is being called the most impressive tour in the event's history. With the kickoff in Kiel, the first of a total of 10 tour stops with 24 shows, we are on the verge of an event that will go down in freestyle history.

Marcus Ohlsson and Adolf Silva created a breathtaking moment when they landed the first indoor snowmobile tandem backflip – a stunt that not only represents a world premiere but also sets a new record with a distance of 20 meters.

Equally impressive were Daniel and Elias Ruso with their Muscle Tandem Show Act, which amazed the audience.

The 13-year-old American Connor Stitt, along with Adrian Guggemos and John Ohlsson, showed during the rehearsals that they are ready to raise the bar and provide the audience with unforgettable moments. The Fuel Girls, DJ Mosaken, and the drummers from Drumatical have also impressively proven that they are more than prepared for this tour.

Georg Fechter, the mastermind behind Masters of Dirt, summed up the mood: "It's the strongest tour show we've ever had. 'Total Freestyle' satisfies everyone, and we look forward to numerous visitors."

Don't miss the chance to be part of this historic tour. Secure your tickets now at and be ready for a show that will make freestyle history.

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