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Spielberg Moto GP 2023

20 Aug 2023

Freestyle Shows at Austrias biggest motorcycle event

We added an extra layer of excitement with three spectacular freestyle shows for the adrenaline-charged Spielberg Moto GP weekend.

While the primary draw for the massive turnout of fans was undoubtedly the Moto GP race, the additional freestyle performances provided a thrilling bonus for motorbike enthusiasts. The synergy between the high-octane race and the gravity-defying stunts of the Masters of Dirt created an unparalleled atmosphere.

A special note of gratitude goes out to RedBull Austria for their trust and collaboration. Their commitment to enhancing the motorbike entertainment landscape was evident throughout the weekend.

Thanks to all the fans who showed up and added to the vibe. Your enthusiasm and support made this addon to the Moto GP weekend truly memorable.

As the engines cool down, we look forward to more collaborations and unforgettable moments in the future. See you next year!

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