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Thank you, Frankfurt!

22 Apr 2024

Over 10.000 Visitors in Frankfurt

The Germany tour, which drew over 10.000 visitors to Frankfurt, has come to an end and we are pleased to announce the shows for 2025! With a total of 11 shows in six cities, we will return to Germany's largest halls in 2025: on April 26th in Frankfurt, on May 3rd in Köln, on May 11th in Stuttgart, on May 17th in Hamburg, on May 24th in Dortmund, and on May 31 in Berlin.

The highlights in Frankfurt were numerous: The two 13-year-olds Samy Fernbach (AUT) and Connor Sitt (USA) demonstrated once again that there are no limits in the Freestyle sport, Connor landing a triple (!) backflip and Samy a double backflip over the high jump. Rob Adelberg from Australia impressed with a very difficult stunt, the FMX frontflip, which left not only the visitors, but also the entire MOD Family speechless. Adrian Guggemos and Fabio Wibmer, both Red Bull athletes, performed an outstanding stunt show with their freestyle bikes for the Frankfurt audience. Not to be overlooked is the FMX tandem dreamteam of Antonio Navas and Rocky Florensa, who performed incredible stunts together on an FMX bike. In addition, Jake 100 from the UK took over the Masters of Dirt Instagram account and provided exclusive behind-the-scenes access to social media fans.

Visit for information and tickets to the live-shows 2025.


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