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Thank you Linz!

29 Apr 2024

11.000 Visitors at the M.O.D Live Shows in Linz

Last weekend, the phones could be switched to the Masters of Dirt flight mode for one last time, allowing to enjoy a two-hour show featuring the world's best freestyle athletes at Linz's TipsArena. 

We feel honored to have welcomed 11.000 people to the shows in linz! For this special occasion, we received support from Australia: No other than Freestyle legend Rob Adelberg performed an incredible FMX-Frontflip no-hander (!). But that wasn't all. There were numerous highlights, including David Rinaldo's Corolla Trick, Natalia Niedzwiedz' Frontflip, Samy Fernbach's Backflip 360 no-hander - And of course, Gerhard Mayr, who has been building tracks for the Masters of Dirt Shows across the world since the beginning, performed his world record 20-meter buggy jump in his hometown.

We cherish everyone who visited our M.O.D Live Shows in Linz and hope to see you again next year! 

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