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Thank you Torino!

27 Feb 2024

What an awesome weekend - Italy has taken our hearts by storm!

Last weekend's shows in Italy included a combination of breathtaking stunts and heartfelt emotions!

Unfortunately, Gemma Corbera had to stop due to an injury; we wish her a speedy recovery. The crowd were taken surprised not just by Tim Bringer's triple backflip or Dorian Macher's "World's First" (backflip tuck to tailwhip to barspin), but also by a marriage proposal in the middle of the M.O.D show.

Our M.O.D shows in Torino were especially well-represented by Italian athletes Vanni Odera, Leo Fini, Massimo Bianconcini, Torquato Testa, and Alessandro Barbero, as well as biker and influencer Paky. Over 12.000 people attended the shows and experienced incredible moments.

During the show break, MX riders Massimo and Vanni Ordera fullfilled dreams with Moto Therapia by inviting children with cancer to sit on their bikes and ride with them.

We're taking a short break and will return to Vienna from March 15 to 17. Get your last tickets here.

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