World Premier: Masters of Dirt Stunt in front of “Schönbrunner Gloriette”

Tourists enjoying their Sissi-Brunch in Gloriette were astonished watching Masters of Dirt crowd pleaser and star of the FMX scene Edgar Torronteras flying through the air on his 100kg heavy Yamaha motorbike to promote the upcoming Austrian Masters of Dirt Tour. A world premiere as „Schönbrunn“ has already seen a lot but for sure no freestyle motocross.

After numerous shoots in front of a lot of important landmarks of Vienna in the last couple of years it was pretty clear that the photo shoot, similar to the show which is becoming even more spectacular every year, has to set up the bar on another level. Hence the M.O.D Crew with founder Georgie Fechter conquered the world heritage of „Schönbrunn“ to put the spotlight on this year´s Austrian Tour which is starting on the 2nd March in Klagenfurt.

Georg Fechter: „I am really happy that we made it possible to get such a great stunt in front of the wonderful location of „Gloriette“. I am even more stoked that we can promote the Austrian Masters of Dirt Tour via this occassion. We put a lot of money behind this project. But I can´t wait to infiltrate six capital cities of federal states with the love of freestyle!”

The world´s top athletes show breathtaking tricks at the legendary freestyle shows of Masters of Dirt which let the adrenalin pump through the veins of the spectators. On BMX, mountainbikes, FMX bikes, quads, buggies and even snowmobiles physics does not matter to the athletes of M.O.D showing the fans reckless tricks. Thanks to the music entertainment of DJ Musaken and the fire shows of the Fuel Girls the show is an unique experience for everybody. Even Edgar Torronteras who is jumping the stunt in front of “Schönbrunn“ on his Motocross Bike will be part of the whole Austrian Tour of M.O.D.

Edgar Torronterras: „The creativity of all concerned parties of M.O.D crew is one big thing which makes the difference to other shows. They are always going flatout. Every year Georgie and the crew are thinking about legendary ideas for press and promo stunts as well as show concepts which are great fun for us and hence are a great entertainment for the fans.“

A lot of show highlights are also planned for 2019. A couple of them are not to be announced yet while some others have already been released: there will be a new super stunt of the young Tyrolean Fabio Wibmer who will fascinate his 2Mio YouTube Fans as well asthe crowd of Masters of Dirt in Klagenfurt, Vienna and Innsbruck. Besides Fabio Wibmer there is also young gun Lennox Zimmermann. The 11-year-old is already going for the huge jumps with his BMX bike. Additionally, there is Vicky Golden, the only woman who is on the same level like the boys. She is showing the same tricks on the big jumps like her male counterparts and has already been winning some challenges against them.


German FMX Champion Kai Haase lands World’s First during the first show of the Masters of Dirt Total Freestyle Tour in Klagenfurt, Austria.


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