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What is M.O.D

Masters of Dirt is the World's wildest Freestyle Motocross show.

M.O.D shows incorporate the biggest International FMX riders performing the latest tricks, along with the world’s leading BMX, MTB, Quad and Snowmobile riders - all mixed into an action packed arena show.

M.O.D reflects the lifestyle of the scene. We believe freestyle is the entertainment of the 21st century and have chosen not to run our events as competitions - giving us more creative freedom and allowing us to adapt to the desires and preferences of our partners and fans.

The M.O.D Family (our riders, cast & crew) have created a new form of shows built on hard work, training & a lifestyle without regulations.

Our Mission to Sports?

To organize the best, most thrilling and spectacular Freestyle Motocross Shows anyone has ever seen!!!


Our mission to fashion:

We offer authentic, rider influenced, high quality fashion to everyone who loves our MOD Lifestyle. We offer mens, ladies & kids lines.

We are proud to have – Martin Seeh, as our new Fashion & Retail Director – on board now.

Martin is a long time snowboard & surf addict, working in the fashion industry for about 20 years.

He used to distribute several leading brands, such as: Billabong, K2, Atlantis Snowboards, Dragon Optical, Arnet, Wunschkind…and many more.

Martin was also a Billabong Snow marketing consultant for the Northern & Central Europe regions.

He sucessfully ran his own retail stores for many years and in 2003 won an award for one of the leading surf/snow/skate/ fashion shops in europe.


So we are convinced, we are now able to offer an authentic, high quality fashion line to the world.


All dealer inquiries are welcome. Whenever you’re ready to stock our new MOD fashion line in your shop, just send an e-mail to: ms@mastersofdirt.com and we will get in touch with you right away.


With our new production system, we will, most of the time, be able to deliver the products to your shop within four weeks.

Most oft he basic products will be shipped within one week. All products will be shipped from our European Headquaters in Vienna.


You are invited to join our MOD World !

Company Overview

Masters of Dirt was founded in 2000 by Georg Fechter. It is a showcase of the gnarliest FMX, MTB, BMX, MINIBIKE, SNOWMOBILE and QUAD riders on the planet. We have toured successfully for years selling out venues all over the world including South Africa, Poland, Austria, Malta, Cyprus, Dubai, Ireland & many more...

Masters of WHAT ?

Masters of DIRT !!!


What makes M.O.D. different from the rest?

"A passion for what we do!"