Naomi Flame


...managing to be the only one sober at the end of an MOD party! 

Marital Status:
Joined M.O.D.:
Career facts:
Used to be a professional dancer, got bored one day and literally played with fire! Now specializing in flaming special effects and pyrotechnics performance worldwide. 
Flaming head dress, Spark Poi, Dragon cane & Swords, Human Pyrotechnics, All things fiery!!
Favorite trick:
managing to be the only one sober at the end of an MOD party! 
MOD Highlights:
Performing in Vienna, the crowd is fantastic and it’s always fun seeing what new crazy ideas MOD has. Every year they continue to bring it – like the Fuel Girls! 
Being a fuel girls means to me:
Wicked shows - wicked girls and lots and lots of fun and of course – it means I always get to go on the MOD tour! 

I’m probably the sensible one out of the Fuel Girls, but I love performing at MOD. We always have fun and the parties are mental! I enjoy working with really big fire and pyro and love the reaction from people when they see what we can do!! 

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