Teta - Fuel Girl
UK Bunny


Someone recently told me "You're the nicest 'bad girl' I've ever met..." I like that.

Gloucestershire, UK
Marital Status:
Joined M.O.D.:
Aerial hoop, fire sword, lyco cane, fire fans
Best Trick:
Eating fire whilst balancing on my toes
Career facts:
Trained in ballet, acrobatics, aerial hoop and fire.  Commercial dancer/model in music videos, adverts, TV work, 2 seasons as a speciality artist in Franco Dragone's Taboo show, Joined the Fuel Girls in 2008 and did my first show for MOD in 2009
MOD Highlights:
Vienna is always a special one, it's my favorite show! My recent MOD highlights have been Edgar leading the crowd in Zurich in singing me a happy birthday! And walking out with all the riders and crew in Klagenfurt to 28,000 screaming people!
Being a Fuel Girl means to me:
Getting to travel the world with my best friends, meeting amazing, crazy, like minded people, performing epic shows and having the freedom to be myself!

You could probably describe me as the "shy one" of the Fuel Girls, although I'm always the last girl standing at the party! Someone recently told me "You're the nicest 'bad girl' I've ever met..." I like that.

I have been a full time performer for the Fuel Girls for five years now, specialising in fire and aerial shows. I have a background in classical/ contemporary dance and acrobatics which I use in my shows, with a sexy twist! I am passionate about performing as it is my entire life, so I train weekly on aerial hoop, flexibilty classes and bikram yoga! In addition I love to do pilates at home and I am addicted to squats! My bum seems to be one of my greatest assets! I'm passionate about travel, music, tattoos, film and cooking and I love the madness of London, where I am now based!

Being a Fuel Girl allows me to travel the world, doing what I love and having lots of fun at the same time! My favourite show is Masters of Dirt. High energy, dangerous and the riders are fit! What more do you want.

The Fuel Girls combine fitness with alcohol. A mix that works for me!

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