Yusura │Fuel Girl
Japan Bunny


… then Ill come back to invade the earth!!!

born in Japan, currently touring the world -
traditional Japanese back and sleeves 
Dream Vehicle:
the dragon from the Never ending Story 
Favorite show:
Masters of Dirt, Vienna. I get to watch the show from my aerial hoop, which is rigged from the roof of the stadium. FMX bikes flying either size of me. Amazing beyond belief 
Champagne / red wine
Best Fuel Girl moment:
fun and talk in th dressing room. I won’t tell you what we get up to… shhh… Worst Fuel Girl moment: getting completely covered in mud at Masters of Dirt. Or maybe that was the best moment? 
Before I die I want to:
make the greatest show, have the greatest sex, then after I die I want to turn into a space alien – then Ill come back to invade the earth!!! 

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